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The Waihutete event
According to the sources who explained this event there was a link with the Hongi-wars on Hoamoal (West Seram).
It is possible that this event occurred after kora-kora (war boats) from Ema Hoamoal.
According to the source from Ema under the guidance of Kapitan Sahulata. After the fightings on Hoamoal kapitan Sahulata did not returned to the kora-kora, whereupon the control was transferred to kapitan Leimena and is malesi's Palapessy and Tupan. Because according to the sources from Ema and Ameth it was kapitan Leimena assited by the malesi Tupan who lead the battles for Ema.

The course of events on Waihutete went as follows:
When the kora-kora of Ema arrived from Hoamoal under the guidance of kapitan Leimena and steersman Maitimu in the vicinity of the island Ambon they entered a bay because everyone on the kora-kora was exhausted.
After the anchor was cast out everyone fell in sleep because of fatigue.

In the meantime a strong headwind sprung up. The anchor tored loose and the kora-kora broke adrift and no more island was visable, because the sky was blackend by the headwind and heavy rain.

Immediately one tried to save the kora-kora against the currents and waves, although it was dark and no target was visable to row to. Everyone did fierce attempts to look for the coast.
Suddenly a mountain ahead of them doomed and the steersman started to aim the stem to that high mountain. Those were the three mountains Lawakanoo, Eosisina and Nusahuhu from Nusalaut. The kora-kora approached the coast and entered the bay of Waihutete.
They were well received by the people of Ameth. They got food and became well treated, but  there was no drinking water for them. Kapitan Leimena then said that "we Huaresi Rehung will give our brethern of Ameth water", he raised his spear and threw it to the coralstones at the edge of the beach of Ameth, which was called Waihutete and suddenly water welled up.

This water was sweet and this source still exists until now . Beside the source where one one ate mangos (which one had taken along probably from Hoamoal), one manggo-pit was planted, which developed later into an adult tree and carried fruit, until it was devastated and burned in 1960, by as was told a Seruees, only the roots are still proof of this fact.

Until today  both generations old and the young of Ameth know that the source and the manggo-tree are gifts from Ema as a sign of this pela-brotherhood.

source: Book concerning pela Ameth and Ema - I, Dias, J. Mailoa et al - Ambon 1972

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